Service Level Management

Service Level Management Templates

 Service Level Agreement Service Level Agreement Template

The purpose of Service Level Management (SLM) is to ensure that the service targets are created, negotiated, agreed, documented, monitored, reviewed and reported to the customer.

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ITIL Customer Complaint Log Template

Customer Complaint Log

Maintaining a complaint log is vital for an organization which wants to learn from its mistakes, and refrain from re-inventing the wheel each time it encounters a known (but forgotten) incident.

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ITIL Customer Complaint Report Template

Customer Complaint Report Template

These days when most services and products are in abundance and are accessible worldwide, a company’s reputation and overall customer feedback score is crucial in attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

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ITIL Service Request Template Service Request Form Template

In order for a user to officially request something, be it a simple password change or a more difficult software installation, they need to submit a service request form to the service desk of the organization. The ITIL describes a request as a “standard change” which requires the service desk to follow a simple procedure to create service request form template and is a low-risk change.

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